Why buying early bird tickets beats the winter blues.

Still on a high from a summer packed with four wonderful festivals, we bought some early bird tickets at, what we thought, was a ridiculously early time last year. So, as the sunlight began to take on that autumnal hue, we looked ahead to how we could grab ourselves some more of this feeling next year. Maybe autumn itself had something to do with it. I simply love autumn; for me it's magical and ethereal somehow and, without fail, I'm always feeling optimistic at this time of year. Anyhow, we were on a high in our household. Our kids were humming tunes we were amazed (and chuffed) that they had remembered. They were also running around the house playing air-guitar and drumming on anything they could (not so chuffed about this.)

We knew we wanted to try out Kendal Calling in 2017. We love the fact that this festival is small enough to be manageable with kids but that it also packs a real punch when it comes to headliners. 2016 saw Rudimental, Madness and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, no less. There's also so much provided for kids and families at this festival and from looking at the list of what's on offer at Kids' Calling - carnival, cinema, workshops, games, performances from TV characters, a books area, to name but a few - we knew that our little ones would be in for as much of a treat as us.

So, we booked the tickets early. It did seem strange paying all that money for something that hadn't even been organised yet. We were essentially taking a gamble that the Kendal Calling Team would deliver for us in 2017, based on their past credentials. I can't deny that we went through an "oops, what have we done?" stage. But then it started..... and its been helping us through the winter ever since. We're still on a festival high and it's -1 outside at the moment and our picnic blanket hasn't seen the light of day for months. Well, what's happened is that, because we've booked another festival, we're constantly talking about festivals. About last year's best moments (Mummy going mad when Stereophonics came on is quite often recounted) and about what's in store for us at Kendal Calling this year. It really is not an exaggeration; we talk about it ALL the time ..... and smile and laugh and reminisce and speculate and surmise.

Therefore, for this little family, buying early was not at all ridiculous or whimsical. Aside from the money we saved (getting on for £100 - a few treatments at the Garden of Eden for me!) it really has been our sustenance for the winter months.

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